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Short Bio

Aleksander ("Lutek") was born in Krakow on Aug. 14, 1916. He received his Bechelor of Science degree from the Lwow Polytechnic. Shortly thereafter he was deported to a Russian slave labor camp. Later he served in the Polish Air Force in England, during World War II. After the War, he received a Masters' degree, and taught math at the London University.

In 1952, Lutek came to the US and started to work for Marotta Valve. He refined Marotta's solenoids and designed and developed new types of solenoids, which made Marotta's solenoid valves the "Cadillacs" of the industry. He also invented and designed the line of electronic controllers which precisely control pressure, flow and velocity in critical applications in the aerospace and steel industries.

Lutek died on Jan. 18, 1968.

Closest Family
Marriage Children Parents Siblings
Mary rys antos krysia Amalia Bronislaw Jasia Kajtek Adam
Mary Ryszard Antos Krysia Amalia
Jasia Kajtek Adam
High School
Driving Licence (1936)
Student of Lvov Polytechnic
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